Yes.  But building a neutrino shield would be difficult.

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John Ross wrote:

> Neutrinos and Gravity
> [0010] Neutrinos are very high-energy photons. Each neutrino
comprises a
> high-energy, high frequency entron. Neutrinos, like other photons, 
> travel in substantially straight lines at the speed of light with its 
> entron circling within the photon in circles having a diameter of 
> .lambda./2 where .lambda. is the neutrino's wavelength. Most neutrinos

> illuminating the earth pass right through it. Neutrinos can pass right

> through the nuclei of atoms and even protons. Gravity results from the

> Coulomb force fields emanating from neutrinos as the neutrinos pass at

> the speed of light through matter. These Coulomb force fields travel 
> rearward and sideways along the trail of neutrinos. The sideways 
> components cancel, but the rearward components add pushing the matter 
> through which they are passing back toward the source of the
> Thus, neutrinos from the sun passing through the earth (about 
> 100,000,000 per square centimeter per second) provide the "gravity" 
> holding the earth in its orbit around the sun. Neutrinos from the
> hole in the center of the Milky Way hold all the stars of the Milky
> (including our sun) and us in our positions in our galaxy. Neutrinos 
> captured in the earth and later released provide the earth its

Does this imply that an "anti-gravity" vehicle could be built if we 
could somehow build a neutrino shield and put it under the vehicle?


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