Here is what the relevant part of your reference said:

"The KamLAND (Kamioka Liquid-scintillator Anti-Neutrino Detector)
apparatus was purpose-built to catch a glimpse of these elusive
particles (see Fig. 5 on page 502). The detector is situated in the
centre of the largest Japanese island, Honshu, in a mine one kilometre
below the summit of Mt Ikenoyama, to reduce the effects of cos-mic rays
formed from particles other than antineutrinos. Antineutrinos are
occasionally captured by protons in KamLAND's 1-kilotonne,
13-metre-diameter scintillation detector (pictured above) in a process
known as inverse -decay. This produces a neutron, which combines with a
proton to form a deuteron and produces a characteristic -ray
('scintillation light') with an energy of 2.2 MeV. The light that this
reaction produces is detected as an electrical signal by an array of
photomultiplier devices surrounding the detector."

What happened (according to the Ross Model) was the neutrino (probably a
relatively low energy neutrino)was captured by an electron which turned
the electron into a very high energy electron that combined with a
hydrogen nuclei (a proton) to become a neutron which in turn combined
with another proton to become a deuteron which produced the
characteristic -ray with  energy of  2.2 Mev.  The author is right this
is reverse beta decay in which an electron (a beta particle) and a
neutrino are emitted from an atomic nuclei.  The best way an electron
can get inside a nuclei is by riding on a proton as part of a neutron.
See FIG. 9 and text at page 29 of my patent application for my proposed
model of a deuteron.

In any case this report certainly does not convince me that neutrinos
are not photons. 

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Name one.

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There are a lot of experiments that have detected neutrinos and verified
their properties (which are completely different from photons).

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