Have you read my patent application?  It has plenty of details (17 pages
of fine print).  Take a look at it on www.uspto.gov search under patent
applications for Pub No. 20050182607 or Application Serial No.

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Le 11-oct.-05, à 01:46, John Ross a écrit :

> Because there is only one particle (and its  anti-particle) and one 
> force from which the entire universe is built.  How could there be 
> anything simpler?

0 particles and 0 forces, no time nor spaces but a web a overlapping 
turing machines' dreams emerging from addition and multiplication ...

John, if you want your theory being a TOE, don't forget to address the 
mind body problem, and to be clear on all your assumptions (ontology, 

Now to be honest I have no idea how neutrinos could be photons. If you 
thrust your idea try (at least) to write a paper with some details.



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