Hi Russell,

Can atoms exist in a 2D universe? AFAIK, physics is very different when constrained to only 2D. My point is that the notion of computation is meaningless if there is no possibility of a stable structure on and in which to implement the computation. Platonic Numbers or bit-strings have no ability to do anything by themselves (by definition!) and thus appeals to their existence are vacuous.



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Game of Life is an example 2D system capable of universal
computation. I'm not sure this implies consciousness is possible in
2D, but it needs to be considered.

I think Turing machines are impossible in 1D, however...


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Hi George,

It seems to me that the notion of "storing" and communication 1 bit explicitly requires some form of stable structure over multiple queries. Does this not lead to the requirement of some form of physicality, a physicality that is epiphenomena at best in the ideal monism (everything is Numb3rs) theory?

As to the question of the smallest dimension that can support life and consciousness; this has been considered by many people. My own ideas consider the smallest dimension that allows for the greatest diversity of forms, forms available to instantiate and represent ideal Forms. We find that in 3 dimensions there exists at least a countable infinity of topologically distinct objects that require non-trivial computational resources to sort and categorize.



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