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Again, Bruno, your theory prohibits *any* kind of notion that involves *change*. That is its Achilles Heel.

We already discussed this. When you define the first person by the Theaetetical trick you get freely, from the self-reference logic G, a temporal logic. The one named by S4Grz. Search in the archive "S4Grz". Read "S 4 Grzegorczyk".

Theatetical trick = define Cp (knowing p) by "p & Bp" i.e. you prove p and p is true.

The 3-platonia is timeless, but so are many "block-universes" for many physicists. S4Grz explains the origin of the appearance of time from the internal points of view of machines/numbers.

In general physicist does not even address this question (by naively relating belief in change with some physical change, but that leads to many difficulties as the UD argument is supposed to illustrate).

I will perhaps make other comments next week, but I must go now ...



PS What do you mean by "onward"?


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