Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> In the multiverse, only other people end up in dead ends. 

Kind of makes you wonder what Tookie is doing right now.  To us, he died
as a result of lethal injection.

What sort of successor observer-moments can follow a thing like that?

Better question--what is the most likely type of 1st-person
observer-moment that would follow experiencing lethal injection?

Sure, there is an infinitesimal probability that all his constituent
particles quantum-tunneled to a Pacific island paradise and right now
somewhere in the multiverse he's enjoying a drink with an umbrella in
it, thanking the fine State of California for his new life.

More likely, but still infinitesimally small, is the probability that
only the molecules of toxin in the injection syringe quantum-tunneled
away and right now there are execution officials puzzling over whether
to pardon him after this "act-of-God" miraculous reprieve from death.

But seriously, when the overwhelmingly vast majority of successor
moments to an instant in time are all 3rd-person dead-ends, what would
would be an example of a high-expectation 1st-person successor
observer-moment from the tiny sliver of physically possible (but
extremely unlikely) ones left?

Is there in fact always one left, no matter how unlikely?


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