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> The only way to talk meaningfully about measure is when you can compare 
> two situations from a third person point of view: for example, if you 
> witness someone die from a freak event you could conclude that he 
> continued living in a world with lower measure than yours. This is a 
> third person point of view. However, from that person's point of view 
> (first person), the freak event never happened and therefore he will 
> consider his measure to be just as high as yours.
> George

One can talk about relative measure between two observer moments
connected via an accessibility relation from the first person. The
computation of this relative measure (which will in fact be a
probability distribution) is given by the Born rule.

Absolute measure (which will be complex in general) is a pure 3rd
person phenomenon, and not accessible to observer. I argue that the
absolute measure can be identified with the magnitude and phase angle
of the quantum mechanical statevector representing the observer
moment. These quantities are usually considered unphysical, as they
are inaccessible to the observer. Only relative phase angles can be
measured. Such an identification (complex absolute measure with statefunction
magnitude) appears to be a novel interpretation of QM ...


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