Le Mercredi 4 Janvier 2006 19:21, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> Theism is the belief that the world was created by a single omnipotent,
> superhuman agent who cares about human behavoir and intervenes in worldly
> events.
> Is that your theory??
> Brent Meeker
> Atheism is not a religion, just as a vacant lot is not a type of
> building, and health is not a form of sickness.  Atheism is not a
> religion.
>       --- Jim Heldberg, San Francisco Atheist Coordinator

Atheïsm is a religion as I would say any metaphysical theories... (which are 
only set of beliefs... if not they are falsifiable and enter the realm of 
"physical" theories/science.

Atheism is not science in that it is not falsifiable... Atheïsm is composed of 
dogma "negation of the existence of any god/suprem being" and is a set of 
beliefs and as such fit well in the religion category.


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