Bruno, list,

If I understand you correctly, then you mean, more generally:

G* \ G will correspond to any true conclusion that the machine can draw by 
other than deductive (= truth-preservative)inference.

Best, Ben Udell

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> By "ampliative induction" I mean, not mathematical induction.

Nice!  I hope you will be patient enough to see that this is a good 
description of G* \ G.
G characterises the self-referential discourse of the lobian machine, 
which is fundamentally a machine capable of using mathematical 
G* \ G will correspond to anything true that the machine can guess 
without using mathematical induction.


(+) IF a property is such that 1) it is true for 0, and 2) if true for 
n it is true for n+1; THEN it will be true for all numbers.
More compactly:   {P(0) & [for all n:  P(n) -> P(n+1)]} -> for all n 

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