Brent Meeker wrote:
> This seems to assume a dualism in which you are both a mathematical 
> structure
> and at also stand outside the structure caring and making decisions.

What makes you say "stand outside the structure"? I'd say instead that I am 
a mathematical structure that cares and makes decision. (Assume that I am an 
ideal decision maker, instead of the actual me.) Perhaps you say that 
because while making a decision, I don't seem to be treating myself as a 
mathematical structure. It might seem that if I did, I can just logically 
deduce my own decisions instead of going through those steps.

I'd answer this by arguing that it is impossible for me to logically deduce 
my own decisions, therefore the only way for me to know what my decisions 
are is to actually make the decisions. To see this, suppose a method exists 
to predict one's own decisions. But then we can construct an AI that uses 
this method on itself and then do the opposite of what the method predicts.

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