Le Mercredi 5 Avril 2006 22:07, John M a écrit :
> Stephen:
> right on! (onwards, of course).
> I did not mention the arts. Express "art" by numbers
> and you killed the art. 

It is not a question to describe art by numbers... I'd say it is totally 
unrelated, in a materialistic view don't you think you would kill the art by 
describing it at molecular interaction level ?

The only problem I have with this idea (numbers...) is like I said in the 
other mail I don't understand where *meaning* come from. We can 
encode "information" in numbers, but without an observer/person (as Tom said) 
the information is meaningless... yet Tom said a person is an higher level 
system. Hmmm so numbers are the primary things that generates person that 
generates meaning which generates numbers ? (I hope I'm not to unclear)


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