I have a couple of random thoughts, but I hope they are not too
incoherent (decoherent?) for someone to understand and see if it leads

First, it seems that the comp distinction between 1st and 3rd person
point-of-view can be expressed roughly as OR vs. AND respectively.  In
other words, from the 1st person pov, I am either in one history OR the
other (say Moscow or Washington).  From the 3rd person pov, someone is
both in one history AND the other history at the same time (perhaps
like quantum superposition?).  Now roughly when we OR independent
probabilities we use ADDITION, and when we AND them we use
MULTIPLICATION.  This rings a bell with Godel's sufficiently rich set
of axioms.  It similarly rings a bell with the prime numbers.  Could
there be a connection here through this means?

Secondly, conversely to your thoughts, perhaps given the above
connection to help out, could the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis
supply the elimination of white rabbits from comp?


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