you picked a side-remark, although an important one.
In the heat of the debates it seems healthy somtimes
to rake a breather and look at the topics with an oprn
and unbiased (strangers'? outsiders'?) eye to restore
some sanity lost to emotional discourse.
Otherwise it is easy to get carried away. I do it all
the time.

In all lack of 'sanity'

John Mikes

--- Kim Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> How many angels can you fit on a drawing pin?  ;)
> Kim J
> On 03/05/2006, at 6:17 AM, John M wrote:
> > Does that entire topic really make sense? Or is it
> > just a straw-man debate to get it right? Sometimes
> I
> > wonder.
> >
> > John M

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