According to Stathis Papaioannou:
>On the other hand, about 1/3 of people who present with psychotic
>symptoms will have either a complete or a near-complete response
>to medication with minimal side-effects, and it would be tragic if
>they missed out due to anti-psychiatry prejudice or (more commonly)
>because they don't believe they have an illness.

Please don't bait me or the other unfortunates who have good reasons
for "anti-psychiatry prejudice".  If psychiatry had any insight into its
own ignorance and destructiveness there'd be no reason for such prejudice.
Tweaking brain chemicals or running house current through brains
in pursuit of behavior modification and perception management is
like trying to program a computer with a soldering iron.  Selling
such quackery as medicine against nonconsenting children while in the
pay of their parents or other conflicted adults is an atrocity.
Shrinks have forgotten the principle of "first no harm".

>There is a theory that the genes predisposing to schizophrenia have
>survived because they also give rise to original thinkers, conferring
>an advantage to society which outweighs the disadvantage of having
>floridly psychotic people around.

You're jumping between individual and meta-social fitness here. Where
is the feedback loop?  

Back to the shadows :)


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