So it seems we've just had a definition problem only... 


Le Jeudi 22 Juin 2006 19:05, Bruno Marchal a écrit :
> Hi Quentin,
> Le 22-juin-06, à 16:16, Quentin Anciaux a écrit :
> > Hi Bruno,
> >
> > Le jeudi 22 juin 2006 15:59, Bruno Marchal a écrit :
> >> Dear Stephen,
> >>
> >> What makes you think someone (who) asserted (where) that existence is
> >> a
> >> predicate. I agree with you: existence is not a predicate.
> >> Now "implementation" is a *process*. Again I agree. But this could be
> >> just a relative computations (as those living in Platonia.
> >
> > Either we have a definition problem or I do not understand. For me
> > relative
> > computations in platonia are not instantiated by definition as they
> > are in
> > platonia. Being in platonia just means it exists, hence existence is
> > sufficient. If not could you please define what you mean by
> > instantiated.
> Remember that comp relies on arithmetical platonism. Numbers and their
> additive structure, and their multiplicative structure and the whole
> mess you get with both of them at once, making *all* theories
> (generable set of sentences) incomplete with respect to number
> theoretical truth. The UD lives there under the form of all true
> arithmetical (Sigma1) sentences, which, and this is eventually
> justified from the first person point of view, codes the universal
> dovetailing. So *all* computations, the finite and the infinite one,
> with their weighting redundancies, exist or better are instantiated
> under the form of an infinity of (purely) number theoretical relations.
> By comp, those many computations instantiate, well, wanting to be short
> I will just say all possible number's or machine's dreams.
> Those machine's dream obeys to the law of computer science, they
> differentiates, they overlaps, they get entangled rising parallelism,
> etc. They get rise to many internal interpretations.
> Computer Science, is in many different and interesting sense a branch
> of number theory.
> To sum up: the dreams are instantiated in the DU-computations,
> themselves instantiated by the (platonic) number theoretical relations.
> The invariant and the symmetry (and geometry, and physics) should
> emerge from them from inside (assuming comp).
> (I'm afraid Tom just did say sort of opposite. No offense Tom ;-)
> Bruno

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