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> I we actually tried duplication, then as in all
> communication technologies, there would be errors 
> and the duplication would not be perfect.  But then
> the question arises, could the duplicate have 
> all the memories and personality of the original but
> still not "feel" that he was the same person? 
> In other words he would be a perfect duplicate from
> the 3rd person viewpoint, except that he would 
> say he was not.
> Brent Meeker
I may condone a 'flawless' duplication (why not? it is
a thought experiment, I allow what I like...) BUT the
recipient world has got to be identical, not only "as
is" in the instant of the duplication, (eliminating
any disturbing background differences from its past),
but also as continuing in the same way
(undifferentiatably from the original one) *beyond*
that point, so the duplicate person 'learns' the same
experiences after duplication with the 'original' one.
Otherwise we talk futile. In this case, however, there
is no "new" world, there is the good old one just
continuing with the old person as was.
Untistinguishably both from the old world and from the
original person. Not only - as you suggested - from a
3rd person point of view, but in 1st person as well. 
There is a German proverb (joke?) for that: 
"Warum haben wir die Kroeten gefressen?" about a
double bet back and forth. 

John Mikes

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