Lee Corbin wrote:
> Stathis writes and Brent evidently is not one to resist a good pun
>>Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
>>>Indeed, I would personally find the idea of clones of myself
>>>that I could run into quite disturbing, and the more like me
>>>they were, the worse it would be.
>>A sobering reflection. ;-)
> An interesting psychological difference. About 35 years ago, I asked
> my long since deceased father what would be his reaction to a duplicate.
> He was very quick to assert that they would not get along at all. I
> have always wondered at that: why exactly would someone not like
> himself?
> (Of course, the joke would be on me if I found out that all my duplicates
> had very annoying personal mannerisms, and that the very sounds of their
> squeeky high pitched voices irritated the hell out of me.)
> I have always imagined that my duplicates and I would embrace with a
> love truer than long-lost brothers.  I fancy that I would like myself
> a great deal  :-)
> Lee

I agree - I'd like my clone.  I once found some old lab reports and as I was 
reading through them I 
found one that struck me as unusually well written and insightful - and then I 
realized it was one I 
had written.

But we don't know Stathis. ;-)

Brent Meeker

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