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<x-tad-bigger> It's only a coincidence in the literal sense of the word, i.e. two things happening simultaneously. My point was to explore the idea of supervenience, which (to me, at any rate) at first glance seems a mysterious process, and we should cut mysterious processes from our theories whenever possible: "entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily". Computations exist eternally as mathematical objects, regardless of whether there is a physical world or not.


<x-tad-bigger>But certain computations are selected out through being isomorphic with physical structures and processes (or simulations thereof):

I would have said that certain computations are selected out by giving high relative measure for locally stable consciousness experiences, and then those relative computations will defined what is physical from inside. this explains (or at least makes it possible to explain) why apparent physical laws are isomorphic to mathematical laws. The physical would be the mathematical as seen from inside by mathematical entities.

<x-tad-bigger>a parabola, the number three, a mind. We are happy to say that the first two of these are not "caused" by physical processes even when they manifest as if they are, and I think the same consideration can be applied to mind. What physical structures consciousness is isomorphic with and why is another question.

Consciousness would be isomorphic with relative or conditional average on *all* computations, which can be made matematical by Church Thesis.



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