On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 11:42:35AM -0400, John M wrote:
> Russell,
> you mentioned the 'razor'man and I know you are a proven expert in 
> Occamistic ideas. So I ask for your opinion:
> Is Occam's razor-thing not a perfect action of increasing the reductionist 
> limitations of a problem?
> In 'cutting off' the 'nonessential' (pardon me for my layish expressions) 
> and copncentrate on the 'essence' we DO narrow the model of our observation 
> even further than it was. Indeed a 'limited model' is a razor-cut topically 
> partialized view of an otherwise unlimited interconnection which would be 
> beyond our present capabilities to comprehend.
> Model-view (=the sciences, our common sense, our ways of thinking etc.) is 
> the useful tool for the evolving human views and knowledege base, however 
> with the caveat that it cuts off connections - MAYBE of importance. That may 
> lead to the paradoxes and misconceptions, when we consider the model 'as a 
> total' and draw conclulsions from in-model observation onto the totality.
> Did 'Occam' not just increased the cut-off? "Razoring" does facilitate a 
> conclusion on the topic in question, but there may be relations of 
> importance we miss.
> In my 'wholistic' agnosticism:
> John M

I don't think Occam's razor has anything to do with reductionism.

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