W. C. wrote:
>>From: Brent Meeker
>>But I like to eat.  I like to eat steak.  A world in which I can't eat 
>>steak is not perfect for me.
>>>People with common intelligence can easily *imagine* (or dream) what a 
>>PU > will be.
>>I guess I have uncommon intelligence :-)  since I can't imagine what a PU 
>>would be.  I can't even imagine exactly what would be a perfect universe 
>>for me.  Do I want more security...or more adventure?  Sure I want to 
>>suceed...but maybe not too easily.  Do I really need to be the world's 
>>greatest tennis, chess, and billiards player?
> Don't worry. I already have a solution for this:
> Before I adjust the universe to become perfect, I will send everyone one 
> message (by telepathy) to let you decide:
> (1) Stay with the current universe if you like.
> (2) Change to PU and become perfect.

Aye, there's the rub.  I can't become WC-perfect and remain me.

Brent Meeker

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