Le 07-août-06, à 20:59, 1Z a écrit :

> George Levy wrote:
>> 1Z wrote:
>>> George Levy wrote:
>>>> A conscious entity is also information.
>> I am assuming here that a conscious entity is essentially "software."
> You can assume it of you like. It isn't computationalism, which
> is the claim that congition is running a programme, not the claim
> that disemobodied algorithms are conscious.

OK but the point is that if cognition is running a programme, then it 
can be shown that the very notion of "running a program"  and 
"embodiment"  are  necessarily relative notions.
I do agree with you that a disembodied soul in your branche cannot have 
consciousness with respect to you and to your branch. But from the 
first perspective of any soul, the sould will survive in any 
computational history capable of relatively embodying it through some 
consistent history. And so we arrive at the 1-indetermincay comp 
measure problem.



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