Russell Standish writes:

> > Is it still correct to say that a computation running on two physical 
> > computers (that is, what 
> > we think of as physical computers, whatever the underlying reality may be) 
> > has almost twice 
> > the measure as it would have if it were running on one computer? Otherwise, 
> > there would 
> > be no point backing up anything, relying instead on Platonia's infinite 
> > hard disk.
> > 
> > Stathis Papaioannou
> It does not change the measure of the computation in Platonia. I think
> that is the clear message from COMP. But it does change the measure
> within the "physical" universe that we inhabit.
> Backing up things is to improve robustness in the face of noise (or
> equivalently the second law). I don't know of anybody doing it to
> increase measure per se.
> On the other hand printing 100 copies of my book is all about
> increasing the measure of my book within our physical universe, and
> not backing it up (5 copies distributed to the main libraries of the
> world would suffice for that!)

By increasing the measure locally in our universe, are you making no 
difference, or only a 
small amount of difference to the measure overall in Platonia? For example, if 
all the matter 
in the universe were converted to computers repeatedly calculating "2+2=4" 
would that give 
"2+2=4" a bit of an edge over "3+3=6" in Platonia? What about the far more 
computations underlying human consciousness: my understanding was that the 
of an orderly physical world that goes along with these is not an optional 
extra, but a necessary 
consequence of the type of computation under consideration. That would mean 
that all of the 
measure attributed to a conscious moment is in fact tied up in the (apparent) 
physical world, 
because there are no computations of the required type possible that don't give 
the appearance 
of a physical world. (If there are, we have to explain why we don't experience 
them.) So if you 
increase the measure locally by duplicating and running a sentient program, you 
are increasing the 
measure in Platonia as a whole, since there isn't anywhere else where sentient 
programs of the 
sort with which we are familiar might be hiding. 

Stathis Papaioannou
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