Le 09-août-06, à 03:20, Colin Hales a écrit :

> The third person perspective is manufactured in the eyes of the 
> beholder.
> Perhaps rather than '1st Person Prime' as an assertion, maybe '3rd 
> person
> not prime' is a lesser and more justified position. The fact is that 
> there
> is no such thing as a 'third person'. What you have is a communicable 
> 1st
> person perspective that yet another 'first person perspective' can 
> find if
> it looks. No-one ever has a 'third person' perspective. Ernest Nagel 
> named a
> book after it: 'the view from nowhere'. If 3rd person does not exist, 
> then
> 1st person is all there is left, isn't it?

Mmh.... Actually I did compare Nagel's view from nowhere as a 0-person 
point of view (more in the roadmap). But then ok, nice summary of David 
Lyman's view, and I'm glad he thinks so.
I also agree with George's recent post (accepting his theory, which, is 
perhaps compatible with comp, perhaps not, we will see).



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