1Z wrote:
> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>>Le 09-août-06, à 12:46, 1Z a écrit :
>>>Timeless universe, universes where everything that can exist
>>>does exist, are not well founded empirically.
>>So we should understand that you would criticize any notion, sometimes
>>brought by physicists, of "block-universe".
> Yes, I certainly would! It is unable to explain the subjective
> passage of time. Dismissing the subjective sensation of the passge of
> time
> as "merely subjective" or "illusional" is a surreptitious
> appeal to dualism and therefore un-physicalistic!

I don't see that problem.  In the block universe each subject is modelled as 
having different states at different times and hence subjectively 
experiences the passage of time.

Brent Meeker

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