1Z wrote:
>>Possible things: possible in OUR (limited) view? or possible, even if we
>>'think' it     is impossible (for us)? BTW Harry Potter things are all
>>possible, they exist in         "our" universe, since human minds (part of
>>our universe) have it. So are the         numbers (according to D. Bohm:
>>human inventions) - they are part of nature,     since humans as part of
>>nature invented them with their minds -
> Saying that numbers are invented suggests they could
> have been invented differently -- it does not capture the necessity
> of mathematical truth.

But maybe they are only nomologically necessary, i.e. any cognizant beings 
who evolve will come to distinguish and count things.  I believe that is 
William S. Cooper's argument in "The Evolution of Reason".

In general I think terms like "possible" and "necessary" lead to confusion 
unless their domain or context is spelled out.

Brent Meeker

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