Norman Samish wrote:
> Brent,
> That's an interesting explanation of a zero-information universe, which 
> you suggest is implicit in the MWI of QM - yet (like me) you don't 
> necessarily buy MWI.  In your view, are there other explanations for 
> quantum mysteries that are more credible?
> Norman Samish

Of course there are other explanations - you probably know them.  But I 
haven't bought them yet either.  What they have in common is that some 
things really happen and others don't - randomly.  Bohmian QM is a good 
example, although I won't buy it.  Omnes' takes the view that QM is a 
probabilitic theory, it predicts probablities and probability means some 
things happen and some things don't.  He has proposed a model for the 
nulling of off diagonal terms of the density matrix.  It's just hueristic, 
but I have hopes that something like it might come out of einselection plus 
the information theoretic approach (see quant-ph/0212084).  It seems to me 
than an information theoretic analysis should be able to place a lower bound 
on how small a probability can be and not be zero.

Brent Meeker

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