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> Arithemtical Platonism is the belief that mathematical
> structures *exist* independently of you,
> not just that they are true independently of you.

What is the difference between ""the proposition "it exists a prime 
number" is true independently of me", and the proposition "it exists a 
prime number (independently of me)"?

I can see a nuance, and that is why I prefer to use the expression " 
Arithmetical Realism (AR)" (and then I always define what I mean by 
that) instead of "platonism" (which I prefer to reserve when Plato is 
actually mentionned, like with the Theatetical definition of 
Of course some people use some other term, and I just try not to bore 
people with terminological remark. You can take AR negatively as the 
statement : "arithmetical truth" is not a human construction or 
convention. It is not even a lobian machine invention, because I need 
numbers to define what is a digital machine. Perhaps you should focus 
on the reasoning to see how the expression are used, instead on 
focusing on terminological issues, if I may suggest.



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