> 1Z wrote:
>> Not even remotely. I fact, what I have said can be written as two valid
>> syllogisms.
>> Existence is availability for causal interaction
>> Numbers are not available for causal interaction
>> Numbers do not exist
>> Platonism is the claim that numbers exist
>> Numbers do not exist
>> Platonism is false
> Wonderful!

What about real-world 'existent' causal interaction that _causally_
behaves 'as-if' a platonic 'quantity' exists to interact with? Same for
the non-existant platonic object RED. Same for the non-existant platonic
object ORGASM.....

What is the existence status of the causality thus instantiated? What
aspect of the platonic object map to the subsequent causally existent of
the interaction?

If it 'like something' to be an 'existent' causal interaction,
ever....(and it most certainly can be in brain material)
....then what would it be 'like' to be a virtual interaction with a
platonic object?

They may not exist, but they may be 'examinable'.

Indeed... I'd say it could 'be like' QUANTITYness, REDness and
ORGASMness... to some extent, anyway.

If you insist that everything is shoved into 'realism' or 'platonism',
just because we have the words...you miss entirely a wonderful
intermediate class of existence.

Colin Hales
(where's my 'Law of Science' post gone?)

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