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> Tom Caylor wrote:
>> I'd say a candidate for making AR false is the behavior of the prime
>> numbers, as has been discussed regarding your Riemann zeta function
>> TOE.  As I suggested on that thread, it could be that the behavior of
>> the Riemann zeta function follows a collapse that is dependent on the
>> observer.
> !!!! That's the strangest thign I've read ina long

I said something along such line some times ago. I can provide a 
(short)  explanation. The reason is the Hilbert-Polya conjecture 
according to which the non trivial zero of the complex Riemann Zeta 
function could perhaps be shown to stay on the complex line 1/2 + gt, 
if it was the case that those zero describe the spectrum of some 
quantum operator. This has not been proved, but this has been confirmed 
"experimentally" on many zeroes thanks to Odlyzko, Montgommery etc.
But instead of finding something like the universal wave function, the 
spectrum seems to describe quantum chaos. but as every schoolboy knows 
there is no quantum chaos. Quantum chaos can only appears in a branch 
of the universal quantum wave. It requires measurement. Now the zeroes 
controls and are "controlled" by the distribution of the prime numbers 
(Riemann). So it looks like the prime number describes a reduced 
universal wave function, like if a collapse did occur. I can understand 
Tom Caylor wanting then that the prime numbers themselves (or the zeta 
description) result from some "abstract" collapse.
One day I will send a post on many Pythagorean TOE like that. (They all 
miss the quanta/qualia distinction, unlike the lobian interview).

To infer from the Riemann Zeta "TOE",  that there is a problem for 
Arithmetical Realism (AR) is a bit quick, though.



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