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Subject: Re: evidence blindness

> Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
> > a) The belief in a fictional 'objective view'. This is a view that is
> > never had by anyone.
Peter replied:
> I don't think the "view" metaphior is very helpful.
> There are more or less objective beliefs. What is
> subjective about "2+2=4" ?

First you had to learn and subjectively accept the meaning of the sign '+'
and then the sign '=' without which subjective input you would consider 2
plus 2 as 22 - unless you are also missing the personally and subjectively
absorbed meaning of a "twoness" ,
in which case you can frame the expression as an abstract picture.
We are born naked and with a blank (almost) mind, not with a PhD in math.
John M
(I agree that the "vie" metaphor is not very informative.)

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