John M wrote:
> Peter:
> There is a clash of concepts - as I feel.
> I do not 'read' what "physical" has to do in the fact
> of 'determinism': if determinism is not (deemed) as
> 'physical', it does not determin?

Physical determinism is the idea that the
future is genrated form the persent by rigid physical
laws. As opposed to the idea that the future is fixed
becasue it is alreafy "there", like the end of a movie
which is already in the can , and need not bear any logical
relation to what has gone before (especially
if it is a david Lynch movie).

> Laws (physical?) do not determin anything. Explain:
> yes or oppose to. The deductions of the majority of
> the observed cases (=laws, predictions) do not "act".

I don't see what you mean

> Furthermore:
> If something is (or seems) impossible (= does not
> occur) then the possibility of a mathematical
> formulation of it does not make it realizable.

If the mathematical model is accurate, and it allows different outcomes

under different circumstances, then the physical reality
it models prsumable has counterfactual possibilities.

>  Of
> course we see the difference between mental simulation
> and observation (who knows "the truth"?) but to keep
> George's (nonexistent-haha) sanity - we may as well
> differentiate between what we think as observed and
> what we deduce upon a theory.
> Your last par is absolutely true - I think in the
> opposite sense from why you wrote it. As history shows
> we may detect any 'new rules' (laws) any time to come.
> (Even if it is not written in the 17-19c physix
> bible.)
> I concur fully with Stathis's remark - adding that we
> have no acces to the other universes at this ppoint,
> but as we 'think' about them (mentally created them)
> -they may be similarly deterministic as ours. I mean:
> (in my view of a Multiverse), consisting of unlimited
> and unlimitedly different universes. We just cannot
> think otherwise. (Maybe some of us can on this list).
> John Mikes
> John M
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