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> Tom Caylor wrote:
> > Discovery is not simply a matter of seeing where a particular set of
> > axioms and rules of inference leads. i.e. different sets of axioms and
rules of
> > inference, that you can start putting together a picture that gets
> > closer and closer to reality.
> >
> > Tom
> It's even more than seeing where axioms and rules of inference lead.
Given some axioms and rules of inference the only truths you can reach are
those of the form "It is true that axioms => theorems".
> Brent Meeker
The existing set of axioms and rules leads to the enforcement of the topical
content of the actual model we observe.  So while I agree with your =>, it
may be added: "presently established" to the theorems.

Referring to Tom's
"... It's only when you see the truth from different perspectives "
IMO it may go like: "...see different kinds of truth from...".
Of course then we need different axioms (maybe) and definitely different
rules. We are walled-in into one topical model with explanations from ages
when less information was available, so taking the ongoing axioms and rules
as sacrosanct disallows advancement into new ideas.
I don't say that those "new ideas" are 'good', or even 'are there',
but I like to keep the possibilities (and mind) open.

John Mikes

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