uncompoutable numbers, non countable sets etc. don't exist in first 
order logic, see here:



> Ah the famous Juergen Schmidhuber! :)
> Is the universe a computer.  Well, if you define 'universe' to mean
> 'everything which exists' and you're a mathematical platonist and grant
> reality to infinite sets and uncomputables, the answer must be NO,
> since if uncomputable numbers are objectively real (strong platonism)
> they are 'things' and therefore 'part of the universe' which are by
> definition not computable.
> But if by 'universe' you just mean 'physical reality' or 'discrete
> mathematics' or you refuse to grant platonic reality to uncomputables
> or infinite sets (anti-platonism or weaker platonism) then the answer
> could be YES, the universe is a computer.
> Cheers!
> >

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