Tom Caylor writes:

> But as somewhat of an idealist, I strive to make everything
> whole, integrate beliefs and works, and live in integrity (same root as
> integer).  So I understand that tension between idealism and real life
> limitations, whether it be simple finiteness or even evil.  But I get
> my comfort in the thought that the ideal is a real Person who reached
> across infinity and darkness to love me.

You have made this point several times. Do you actually think that there is 
some empirical reality to your belief, or do you simply think that it is 
that is useful regardless of whether it is the case, like the hope that the 
will ultimately be better than the past? That is, we don't actually have any 
evidence that the future *won't* be better than the past, so we may as well 
believe that it will, because it makes us feel better.

Stathis Papaioannou
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