Hello everybody

I am a 39-year-old male with a Master in Engineering, a scientific
background and an enduring passion for Cosmology

I have been elaborating something along lines similar to Tegmark's
myself for a few years, albeit starting from a more philosophical point
of view

My original question was something like this: "Given that I am physical
being, can a tree in my thoughts be any less physical than a tree in my

Here's my current stance on the topic (I presume the titles are

God’s Many Dices (I) - The Science of Parallel Universes (an extended
commentary of Tegmark's):

God’s Many Dices (II) - The Philosophy of Parallel Universes
(introductory remarks on the philosophical consequences of parallel

In the second article I propose an answer to the Theodicea question
(namely, God doesn't just "allow evil" to happen: God allows
"everything" to happen). I haven't come across that before (is anybody
else here interested in the topic?)

Anyway, having just joined I'll now lurk for a while


Blog (English): http://omnologos.wordpress.com
Blog (Italiano): http://mauriziomorabito.wordpress.com

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