John Mikes wrote:
let me start at the end:
"So why don't you believe it?"
because I am prejudiced by the brainwashing I got in 101 science education,
the 'conventional' thinking of the (ongoing) science establishment - still
brainwashing the upcoming scientist-generations with the same '101' -
(which is also an answer to your 'conventional' quest:)

It seems your answer is that it's just a convention that you happen to have 
learned - a mere artifact of culture as propounded by various post-modernists.

Unconventional is a lot on this list many of them to my liking (personal!)
and seemingly to yours, too.

I leave it to the "conventional"(<G>) scientists to agree whether the Earth
is spherical (if it IS?) and used this example from the precedent texts just
as an 'unconventional' variant thinking.
We (all, I suppose) are under a lot of influence from the 101 sciences and
my point was exactly to raise another possibility (absurd as it may be).

We are influenced by it because it has been very successful.  I don't fly in 
airplanes designed by alternative engineering.  Unconventional ideas interest 
me only in so far as they work as well or better than conventional ones.

Brent Meeker
"They laughed at Bozo the Clown too."

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