Mark Peaty wrote:
Brent: 'Remember that Bruno is a logician.'

MP: :-) Yes, this much is easy to infer. The full scope of what this might MEAN however, is little short of terrifying ... ;-)

MP: Infinity, infinite, infinitely big or small; these are challenging concepts at the best of times and made very interesting to the point of mind-boggling in the contexts of QM and relativity theory. In QM, there is apparently NOT an infinitely small level of existence that could be reached by any kind of measurement due to the shortest length and shortest durations denoted by the Planck length and Planck time. I personally wonder whether there is room to criticise this limitation. The underlying concept of Process Physics [let me call that PP from now on] directly challenges the idea.

MP: My point about measurement is to do with the fact that in seeking to get as exact a copy as possible, not just a working model, it is possible that the digital representations of salient features might need more decimal places than the recording and/or transmission systems can provide.

Lawrence Krauss wrote a book called "The Physics of Star Trek" in which he discusses the 
"transporter" on the Enterprise.  He calculates that to measure the location of the atoms 
in a human body in order to recreate it (as in 'Bean me up Scotty') would take an enormous amount 
of energy - something like converting the mass of the Earth to energy.  However, all that is needed 
for the arguments that appear on this list is to recreate a rough, functioning copy of the body 
plus a detailed reproduction of memory and a brain that functioned approximately the same.  That 
much might not be too hard.  After all, as Stathis points out, you're not the same atoms you were a 
week ago - and I've already forgotten what I had for lunch day before yesterday.

Brent Meeker

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