Tom Caylor writes:

>I'm talking about ultimate meaning, meaning which is ultimately based
> >on truth.  Purpose would go along with that.  I think that this
> >situation is similar (metaphysically isomorphic? :) to the "primary
> >matter" situation.  I think you maintain that experience is enough.  I
> >maintain that if all you have is relative references, you are having
> >faith that there is ultimately something "there".  I'm not interested
> >in any straw-man caricature god who decides what is valuable etc. on a
> >whim.  I'm interested in the source of the wonderfully unexplainable
> >good in us.

If you built a model society and set its citizens instincts, goals,
laws-from-heaven (but really from you) and so on, would that suffice to
provide "meaning"?

Stathis Papaioannou

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