Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 13-mars-07, à 05:03, Brent Meeker a écrit :
>> But there is no reason to believe there is any "root" cause that is 
>> deeper than variation with natural selection.  You have not presented 
>> any argument for the existence of this "ultimate" or "root".  You 
>> merely refer to "closed science" as though that proved something - but 
>> it begs the question.  You have to show there is something outside 
>> science in order to know that it is "closed"; not just that there is 
>> something science has not explained, there's lots of that, but 
>> something that science cannot, in-principle explain.
> Assuming comp, we can know that science will never been able to explain 
> where natural numbers come from. That's an insoluble mystery.
> It makes science open. Forever.

I think that depends on what you count as explanation.  There are certainly 
possible evolutionary explanations for why humans invented counting of say 
sheep instead of looking at each sheep as a unique thing.

> But then comp *can* explain (but does not yet provide more than an 
> embryo of explanation, yet already confirmed) where waves and particles 
> come from, and also, unlike physics, why waves and particles can hurt 
> (cf G/G*).

But can comp explain why there is einselection of large objects and the world 
is approximately classical.

Brent Meeker

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