Sounds plausible that self-aware systems can manage this. I'd like to
see this done as a formal system though, as I have a natural mistrust
of handwaving arguments!

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 10:32:29AM -0700, Mohsen Ravanbakhsh wrote:
> Thanks for your patience! , I know that my arguments are somehow
> raw and immature in your view, but I'm just at the beginning.
> *S1 can simulate S2, but S1 has no reason to believe whatever S2 says.
> There is no problem.
> **Hofstadter "strange loop" are more related to arithmetical
> self-reference or general fixed point of recursive operator*
> OK then it, becomes my own idea!
> Suppose S1 and S2 are the same systems, and both KNOW that the other one is
> a similar system. Then both have the reason to believe in each others
> statements, with the improvement that the new system is COMPLETE. We've not
> exploited any more powerful system to overcome the incompleteness in our
> system.
> I think this is a great achievement!
> It's actually like this: YOU believe in ME. THEY give
> you a godelian statement (You theoretically can not prove this
> statement) you give it to ME and then see that I can neither prove it
> nor disprove it, so you tell
> THEM that their statement is true.
> But the wonder is in what we do just by ourselves. We have a THEORY OF MIND.
> You actually do not need to ask me about the truth of that statement, you
> just simulate me and that's why I can see the a godelian statement is at
> last
> true. But in the logical sense ONE system wont be able to overcome the
> incompleteness,
> so I might conclude:
> This is how we might rich a theory of self. A loopy(!) and multi(!) self.
> *
> *Mohsen Ravanbakhsh
> > 


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