Dear Jesse,

    Hasn't Stephen Wolfram proven that it is impossible to "shortcut" 
predictions for arbitrary behaviours of sufficienty complex systems?


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> The same thing would be true even if you replaced an individual in a
> computer simulation with a giant simulated community of mathematicians who
> could only output a given theorem if they had a unanimous vote, and where
> the size of the community was constantly growing so the probability of
> errors should be ever-diminishing...although they might hope that they 
> might
> never make an error even if the simulation ran forever, they couldn't
> rigorously prove this unless they found some shortcut for predicting their
> own community's behavior better than just letting the program run and 
> seeing
> what would happen (if they did find such a shortcut, this would have 
> strange
> implications for their own feeling of free will!)
> Jesse

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