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> public static void main(String[] a) {
>     println("Sometimes I get this strange and wonderful feeling");
>     println("that I am 'special' in some way.");
>     println("I feel that what I am doing really is significant");
>     println("to the course of history, that I am in some story.");
>     println("Sometimes I wish that I could find out whether what");
>     println("I am doing is somehow significant, that I am not just");
>     println("a duplicatable thing, and that what I am doing");
>     println("is not 'meaningless'.");
> }
> You can make more complicated programs, that is not so obvious, by
> "genetic programming".  But it will take rather long time.  The nature
> had to work for over a billion years to make the human beings.  But with
> genetic programming you will succeed already after only a million
> years.  Then you will have a program that is equally conscious as you are.
> --
> Torgny Tholerus

An additional word of advise for budding programmers.  For heaven's
sake don't program in Java!  It'll take you one million years to
achieve same functionality of only a few years of Ruby code:



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