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The discrete space-time is a liquid.  This explains why the space is 
isomorph in all directions.

The one that discovered that the space-time is a liquid, was Xiao-Gang 
Wen (Home Page: http://dao.mit.edu/~wen ).  He has found that elementary 
particles are not the fundamental building blocks of matter.  Instead, 
they emerge as defects or "whirlpools" in the deeper organized structure 
of space-time.  The space-time is a string-net liquid, and the photons, 
the light, are waves in this liquid.  And the charged electrons are the 
the ends of open-ended strings.

Xiao-Gang Wen has written a lot of articles about this, and they can all 
be found from his home page.  But most of the articles are *very* 
mathematical.  But there is an easy-to-read article at 
https://dao.mit.edu/~wen/NSart-wen.html .  And there is a 
rather-easy-to-read article in 12 pages at 
https://dao.mit.edu/~wen/pub/intr-frmb.pdf , that explains more about 
these very interesting theories.

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