John Mikes skrev:
> JM: Then what makes them into a continuous 'string'? OR: do those 
> individual points arrange in unassigned directions they just wish? If 
> they only fluctuate by themselves, what reference do they 
> (individually) follow to be callable 'string' -'fluctuate' - or just 
> "vibrate on their own"?
> (below you said it: "there the strings consist of discrete points.")
> JM: so THOSE (discrete) points are SPACE and also VACUUM. Now what 
> keeps them 'discrete' if there is NO space between them? They mold 
> together into an 'undivided' continuum - without any divider in 
> between. Two discrete points have got to be discretized by something 
> interstitial  separational - in the geometrical view: their spatial 
> image (what they do not have, because they ARE space).
> In this same image vacuum is also a bunch of discontinuous points that 
> move. Vibrate. Fluctuate. Undulate into waves. But without anything 
> "interstitial" they melt into a continuum?

If you look at a meter, then there is a finite number of space points in 
that meter (it is about 10^35 space points in this meter).  There is no 
space between two space points, because the space is the space points.

The best way to imagine this discrete space and discrete time, is to 
look at the Game of Life.  There you have discrete space points, that 
can have two states, on/off (or black/white or spin up/spin down).  In 
this discrete space-time, you can see the gliders move.  It is the same 
thing with the vibrating strings in the string-net liquid.  There you 
have string-like structures, waving back and forth.  These string-like 
structure is the wacuum.  And the elementary particles are macroscopic 
vawes in this string-net liquid, just like sound waves in water.

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