This arXiv paper should be of interest here.

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Thought this would be of interest:
The Mathematical Universe
Authors: Max Tegmark

(Submitted on 5 Apr 2007)

Abstract: I explore physics implications of the External Reality Hypothesis 
(ERH) that there exists an external physical reality completely independent 
of us humans. I argue that with a sufficiently broad definition of 
mathematics, it implies the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH) that our 
physical world is an abstract mathematical structure. I discuss various 
implications of the ERH and MUH, ranging from standard physics topics like 
symmetries, irreducible representations, units, free parameters and initial 
conditions to broader issues like consciousness, parallel universes and 
Godel incompleteness. I hypothesize that only computable and decidable (in 
Godel's sense) structures exist, which alleviates the cosmological measure 
problem and help explain why our physical laws appear so simple. I also 
comment on the intimate relation between mathematical structures, 
computations, simulations and physical systems.


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