Hello all,

after a rather long hiatus I am back on the list; I have been grappling 
with the relationship of mathematical entities to the real world and 
feel like entering the fray again :-))

> From: Youness Ayaita  
> 3 No-justification
> In this last paragraph it can be seen that the no-justification has a
> lot in common with the zero information principle. I wrote that, if we
> want to introduce the property of existence, than this property must
> be degenerate (given by no entity or given by the ensemble of all
> entities). In other words, there cannot be any information separating
> some entities that exist from other entities that don't.

> OK.  So where are the flying pigs?
> Brent Meeker

I would like to second Brent's comment - where are the flying pigs?


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