maybe of interest to some of you,
Gerard 't Hooft is giving a special talk 
"The Quantum General Relativity and Determinism"
November 2, 2007,  10 o'clock, HU-Berlin

"... We propose to search for a deterministic theory 
underlying both General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. 
The mathematics of Quantum Mechanics appears to allow for 
this; there are intriguing possibilities, as explained in 
the lecture."

I got this from the following (German) website:

Hopefully he will also address other claims like

-emergent symmetries
-existence of boundaries of the Universe 
-symmetries which do not apply to the boundaries
-operators which can act as replacement operators
-existence of a preferred flat coordinate frame

All of which are music to my everythinger's ears.

However ultimate symphonies for those ears
would be, ultimate symmetries between ToE and universe.
Viewed on the right level, there are not ToE plus universe.
Only one exists, ToE *is* the universe.

By the way, 't Hooft also gives a lecture about Black Holes 
on Thursday.


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