Dear Stathis,

> The improbable thing is that the person should transition from the
> state of buying a lottery ticket to winning the lottery, given the
> much greater weight of non-winning tickets. Answering my own question,
> the way this is different to asking why I was born me rather than one
> of the far more numerous entities who aren't me is that there is no
> primitive "me" spirit that can contemplate transitioning into every
> possible corporeal form, so that I can then look back and wonder why I
> didn't become one of the more common ones.

Well put explicitly!! And IMHO that is also why all variants of the 
doomsday argument fail. DA also only works if you had a transition into 
some civilization from a "civ spirit" - which obviously is not the case.


Günther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna


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