Le 21-nov.-07, à 19:54, George Levy a écrit :

>  A theory of everyting is sweeping the Physics community.
>  The theory by Garrett Lisi is explained in this Wiki entry.
>  A simulation of E8 can be found a the New Scientist.
>  The Wiki entry on E8 is also interesting.

Thanks, very interesting indeed. Note that the original paper is 
accessible from the  New Scientist entry. Not so easy to read (need of 
differential geometry, simple groups, etc.
Quite close to the idea of the importance of 24 which I mention 
periodically ... :)

Now such work raises the remark, which I don't really want to develop 
now, which is that qualifiying "TOE" a theory explaining "only" forces 
and particles or field, is implicit physicalism, and we know (by UDA) 
that this is incompatible with comp.

Yet I bet Lisi is quite close to the sort of physics derivable by 
machine's or number's introspection. Actually, getting physics from so 
"few" symmetries is a bit weird (I have to study the paper in detail). 
With comp, we have to explain the symmetries *and* the geometry, and 
the quantum logic, from the numbers and their possible stable 
discourses ... If not, it is not a theory of everything, but just a 
classification, a bit like the Mendeleev table classifies atoms without 
really explaining. But Lisi's theory seems beautiful indeed ...



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