>> When I talk about "pure mathematics" I mean that kind of mathematics you 
>> have in GameOfLife.  There you have "gliders" that move in the 
>> GameOfLife-universe, and these gliders interact with eachother when they 
>> meet.  These gliders you can see as physical objects.  These physical 
>> objects are reducible to pure mathematics, they are the consequences of the 
>> rules behind GameOfLife.
> --
> Torgny
> That kind of mathematics - models of cellular automata -  is the
> domain of the theory of computation.  These are just that - models.
> But there is no reason for thinking that the models or mathematical
> rules are identical to the physical entities themselves just because
> these rules/models can precisely predict/explain the behaviour of the
> physical objects.

You only need models of cellular automata.  If you have a model and 
rules for that model, then one event will follow after another event, 
according to the rules.  And after that event will follow another more 
event, and so on unlimited.  The events will follow after eachother even 
if you will not have any implementation of this model.  Any physics is 
not needed.  You don't need any geometric properties.

In this model you may have a person called Torgny writing a message on a 
google group, and that event may be followed by a person called Marc 
writing a reply to this message.  And you don't need any implementation 
of that model.


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